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Professional services

Professional services are aimed at people suffering due to injuries or degenerative joint changes.


Supplementing with hyaluronic acid is considered an effective method of treatment, which is recommended by doctors in curing joint diseases as well as in the preventive healthcare. The main benefit of hyaluronic acid is enriching the composition of the synovial fluid. What is more, the effects are visible almost instantly.

The aim of the hyaluronic acid injection by patients suffering from joint diseases is improvement of the viscoelastic properties of the synovial fluid. Thanks to the injection the fluid can act as a natural grease protecting our joints and ensuring their high flexibility in various physiological conditions. The hyaluronic acid benefits therefore the condition of our joints as well as improves their shock-absorbing properties, mobility and the composition of synovial fluid. However, also the concentration and the molecular mass of the hyaluronic component influence the viscoelastic properties of the synovial fluid.

Currently available hyaluronic acid products (HA) differ in the concentration of the acid, its molecular mass and viscosity. In my surgery office I use Biolevox HA 2,2% produced by Biovico, which is an injectable hyaluronic acid of the highest quality available. I have been using it successfully for many years in my medical practice.


In my surgery office I use the newest method of separating platelets from other blood cells called Xerthra PRP. The concentration of biological material obtained with this method may be up to 12,8 times higher than normally. Thanks to the maximal speed of centrifugation which amounts to 3500 revolutions per minute (RPM) platelets can be separated in only 5 minutes. Therefore, the whole procedure can be performed in 30 minutes during a single appointment. .

The idea of platelet rich plasma treatment emerged several decades ago as an answer to the problems which sports medicine was facing at that time. The injuries were frequent but rehabilitation and convalescence time were limited. The PRP method seemed to address both problems at the same time

Years of studies and experience have proved its efficiency and led to setting the current standards. Being quick and efficient the PRP method started to spread to other medical specialties as well. The orthopaedics was second to explore the great benefits of this method. With the years passing it also came into use in surgery, dentistry and finally it has also added a whole new therapeutic dimension to the aesthetic medicine.

Platelet-Rich Plasma is used in orthopaedics and sport medicine to treat soft tissue (muscles and tendons) injuries as well as joint injuries. As the outcome patients may expect accelerated tissue regeneration, pain and discomfort relief and a faster convalescence.

In osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease) PRP is either injected alone directly into the inflamed joint or it might be combined with hyaluronic acid in order to boost the therapeutic effectiveness. Straight after the PRP therapy patients can feel a notable pain relief, and with time also a joint bio-regeneration takes place. In case of advanced degenerative joint changes, the PRP method provides an opportunity to improve mobility of affected joints and to lengthen their life expectancy (for instance while a patient is waiting for an endoprosthesis)..